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Information & Resource Referral

~ Families need assistance in identifying and accessing resources to meet basic needs and in securing community-based family support services ~

Information and Referral

Our Case Care Managers (CCMs) link individuals and families to Services and Opportunities – Making and following through on referrals, maintaining relationships with service providers and sharing community information with individuals and families. It is our compassionate way and practice of bringing people and services together. Our CCM’s research, identify and maintain a comprehensive list of resources and databases containing detailed descriptions of the mainstream resources to promote your independence and improve your quality of life.


Navigating social services and other community resources can be a complex and an overwhelming process. Our CCM’s are here to help assess your needs in a confidential and non-judgmental manner to identify the appropriate referrals for your situation and to improve your access within these services and programs. Our CCM’s are trained to have an in-depth understanding of or provide access to:

Families First Programs
  • The mainstream resources and services you or your family member may be eligible for based on your circumstances and need

  • The points of contact or databases of resources and services that exist

  • “How to Apply” or the referral processes to gain quicker access to those resources or services

  • The application processes by explaining or completing them with you

  • Attachments, timelines, and so forth that are different for each service and resource


To talk with a CCM about services and resources in Monroe County call (608) 374-4141.

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